Ensure Pet Safety on New Year’s Eve: Follow Fireworks Precautions for Pet Owners

Ensure Pet Safety on New Year’s Eve: Follow Fireworks Precautions for Pet Owners

During the New Year’s weekend, celebrants can enjoy DJ shows, special drinks and two fireworks shows, one at 9 p.m. and another at midnight on New Year’s Eve. It’s a good bet that pets, dogs in particular, will not be enjoying the fireworks, however, particularly if they’re supplemented with illegal pyrotechnics going off everywhere in town.

An article in the Los Angeles Times stated that New Year’s Eve fireworks are now rivaling those set off on the Fourth of July. The article specified Long Beach, Pasadena and other cities in Los Angeles County. This is not a welcome announcement for people living with PTSD or with pets.

The article said that Long Beach will be upping its police presence to check for illegal fireworks as well as other issues.

“Over the New Year’s weekend, we will have an increased number of officers working high-visibility patrols to support public safety, fireworks prevention and enforcement efforts, impact impaired driving, and respond to routine calls for service,” said Richard Mejia, public information officer for the Long Beach Police Department.

All personal fireworks, including the ones called “safe and sane,” are prohibited within Long Beach city limits.

When I was at Long Beach Animal Care Services a couple of days ago, I heard a man and his son telling a shelter rep that their dog had fled in terror from fireworks and they were there in the hope that their dog had been found. I hope he was.

During the days before and after New Year’s Eve, use the same safety precautions as you would on the Fourth of July:

  • Most importantly, get your pet microchipped and make sure that they’re wearing identification that includes the name and current telephone number of their owner.
  • Do not bring your pet to a fireworks display. They will not enjoy it.
  • Keep pets confined to a secure area or, preferably, indoors. Keep windows closed and blinds drawn, and check for possible escape areas indoors and outdoors. Don’t tether your pet outdoors, as it may lead to harm or accidental death if a firework goes off.
  • Stay with them, if possible, or keep the TV or radio on, tuned to calming music. Use a Thundershirt, if your pet will wear it.
  • If your pet is uncontrollable or overstressed, ask your vet for medication. Don’t use human meds, please.
  • Anyone who loses an animal in the city of Long Beach, Los Alamitos, Signal Hill or Cerritos should visit Pet Harbor or the city’s pet lost-and-found online at ACS. If you don’t see your pet online, please visit the shelter in person, or call. The shelter is at 7700 E. Spring St., between Studebaker Road and the 605 Freeway.
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