Top 10 Resolutions for Your Mental Health in 2024

Top 10 Resolutions for Your Mental Health in 2024

With the year drawing to a close and another one beginning in a few days, it is time to look back and reminisce about the good times, the not-so-great times and hold on to the lessons that life has taught over this last one year.

With the promise of having a better lifestyle. Caring about our health more than anything else and prioritising our mental sanity and emotional health, it is important to step into the next year and try to cultivate a better life for ourselves. As we grow older by another year and try to figure out a better life, having some resolutions on taking care of our mental health can accelerate the good decisions.

Here are a few resolutions for our mental health that we should include in the new year resolution list:

  1. Looking after ourselves physically: From eating healthily to ensuring that we have a healthy workout routine, taking care of our physical health helps us to have better mental and emotional health.
  2. Self-awareness: As we read and learn more about the importance of good mental health, we try to understand ourselves better and know what works for us.
  3. Limit screen time: The world is full of hustle and screens; social media and mobile phones add to the overwhelming feeling at times. We should try to stay off the screen when possible and enjoy being in the moment.
  4. Be kind to ourselves: We should avoid harsh self-criticism and instead learn to accept ourselves the way we are and be more kind to ourselves.
  5. Have a hobby: A hobby ensures that we enjoy the time doing what we love most. It can also give us a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Meditation: Practicing mindfulness, self-awareness and meditation can help us to feel more grounded and happier in the present.
  7. Limit alcohol consumption: Consumption of alcohol, besides being unhealthy for the physical health, can also elevate anxiety and depression.
  8. Prioritise sleep: While the hustle is required, it is equally important to take rest and recharge the body and the mind. Having a healthy sleep for about seven to eight hours every day helps us to feel better.
  9. Being grateful: Practicing gratitude helps us to be more thankful with what we have. This further creates a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction.
  10. Challenge ourselves: Being more optimistic and challenging ourselves helps us to explore new avenues and know our potential better.
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